About Coordinators

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is a Coordinator?

A Coordinator is a volunteer who leads the Box Tops for Education® program at a school. Coordinators are passionate about kids and schools, and an enthusiastic Coordinator can make a big difference in the success of a school’s Box Tops for Education® program.

does a Coordinator do?

The Coordinator has many responsibilities, including:
• Organize and submit all the Box Tops collected by the school.
• Raise awareness about Box Tops in schools and communities.
• Communicate the school’s earnings progress to school supporters.
• Spread the word about new opportunities to earn with Box Tops.

can you help?

Coordinators appreciate all the help they can get! Here are some ways you can give your school’s Coordinator a hand:

• Always send your Box Tops to school in bundles of 50.
• During big submission times (October and February), ask your Coordinator if there's anything you can do to help.
• Offer to make copies of collection sheets to hand out at school.
• Help your Coordinator organize Box Tops collection contests.
• Most of all, remember to thank your Coordinator for all they do.

Are you interested in becoming a Coordinator, too? Talk to your school’s Coordinator to see if they’d like to team up, or contact your school’s administration.

Interested in becoming your school's Coordinator?
Talk to your school administration or call Box Tops Customer Service at 1-888-799-2444 to get started. Then, sign up to create your account as a Box Tops Coordinator.