Success stories

  • Students stir up more good learning with Box Tops


Students at the Special Education Learning Facility in Valparaiso, IN are hard at work learning important life skills that instill confidence and foster independence. For example, a weekly cooking class is both fun and functional as students familiarize themselves with kitchen safety, cooking basics and how to prepare simple foods they can share with their family. Thanks to Gina Myers, a teacher in the emotional disabilities area and Box Tops Coordinator, the kids have the groceries and materials they need to help spark the learning process.

“What inspires me is seeing the money put to work right away in our classrooms,” explained Gina. “We purchase the supplies for the students’ life skills courses that they use every week.”

When Gina took over the Box Tops for Education® program for the Special Education Learning Facility four years ago, earnings were at a lukewarm $100. She added a dash of creativity, a heaping cup of enthusiasm and served up Box Tops excitement to teachers and students. The result: Her school is now up to $1,200 in annual earnings.

“I make things fun by creating contests for our students and teachers. We have lots of small prizes that go a long way to rally everyone,” explained Gina. “The kids really enjoy our ‘trash to treasure’ fundraiser that takes other people’s unwanted items and transforms them into treasure for our school. In the end, we’re able to use the Box Tops money to buy supplies for our life-skills programs, which helps build the skills needed for all of our kids.”