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Digital Coupons works in partnership with Cellfire to provide digital coupons. Listed below are answers to commonly asked questions.

Additionally you can:

- Contact the Cellfire Support Team
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What are Digital Coupons?
To help you save money on groceries, we have partnered with Cellfire to deliver retailer specific offers that can be loaded to your store loyalty accounts.

How to select your coupons
Step 1: Log In to your account
Step 2: Click on your preferred store
Step 3: Enter your loyalty number
Step 4: Select your offers
Step 5: Click “Add to Account”

How do I add a store loyalty account?
There are 2 ways to add a store loyalty account:

1. Access "My Account" and update your "Retail Loyalty Accounts" section
2. Access the coupons page and select the Digital Coupons section. Then select the applicable store and add your loyalty account where prompted.

How do I remove a store loyalty account?
Access "My Account". You will find a list of your loyalty accounts under the Retail Loyalty Accounts section. Hit "Remove" on the line of the loyalty account you would like removed - this is found on the right of the account number.

I tried to add my store loyalty account, but was told my number is not valid. What should I do?
This error means you likely entered your account number incorrectly. Verify that it is has been entered correctly and try again. If you still have problems, contact your grocery store’s customer service department.

I tried to add my store loyalty account, but was told my account number is not found. What should I do?
You may receive this message if you were just recently issued a loyalty account. Please activate your account by using it at the store and wait 30 minutes before trying to add your account again. If you still have problems, contact your grocery store’s customer service department.

How do I get a loyalty account?
Please visit the customer service desk at your local store and ask for a savings or loyalty account application. In most cases you will receive a loyalty account on the spot. Before you can add your account to, please activate your account by using it at checkout and then waiting 30 minutes before saving offers to it.

How do I save coupons to my loyalty account?
Once you have added your loyalty account number you can select offers by hitting the "Select" button. Once all offers are selected hit the "Add to Account" button to load the offers to your account.

How can I tell whether a coupon has been saved to my account?
Coupons that you have saved to your card will say "Added to Account” in place of the “Select” button. Total number of offers added will showcase at the bottom of the page. Some stores also provide the ability to view what offers are on your account by visiting their website.

Can I remove a digital coupon after it’s been saved?
Digital coupons cannot be removed unless they expire or are used with a purchase at the store.

My family shares one card. Can we all use it with Digital Coupons?
Yes, multiple people can add a store loyalty account to their individual accounts. Be sure to coordinate when coupons are redeemed because they can only be redeemed once.

My wife and I have different accounts, but it seems that offers are saved to both accounts at once. Why is this happening?
Sometimes stores combine multiple accounts in a household to one household account. These offers will be saved to both accounts and a redemption with one account will prevent usage of the offer with the other account. You'll have to manage offers saved to the account as one loyalty account.

How many digital coupons can I save to my loyalty account?
You can save as many Digital Coupons to your loyalty account as you want. Please note that some grocery stores limit the number of offers.

How do I redeem digital coupons?
Digital coupons get saved directly to your store loyalty accounts. Your coupons are automatically redeemed when you use your account at checkout!

I tried to use digital coupon(s), but did not receive my discount. What happened?
The coupon may have failed for the following reasons:

- The product(s) you purchased did not meet the terms described in the coupon details.
- The coupon had expired.
- You had other e-coupons saved to your account for the same product.

If you would like to report a problem with the redemption of one of our offers, contact Cellfire support or retailer.

What happens to expired coupons?
Expired coupons are removed from your account and are not available for use.

I've used an offer but it still shows up with "Coupon Saved" beneath. Why?
It can take up to 24 hours for a grocery store’s system to be updated after you use a coupon at the store. Please do not attempt to use the offer again; the discount is only valid for one use and cannot be applied again.

Once their systems have been updated, the offer will be removed.

If I have 2 of the same product and I have 2 digital coupons for that product, can I purchase them both in the same transaction?
No, the digitial coupon code can only be applied once per product, per transaction. In order to get your discount for the second item, please ask the cashier to ring it up separately.

I saved the same coupon to my account twice, but it only shows up once. Why?
Each coupon can only be saved once to one account every two weeks.

I tried to save a digital coupon from another website, but it did not show up in. What happened?
If the coupon(s) you selected did not show up on your list, you have either:

1. Already saved that coupon to your store loyalty account.
2. Used that coupon in one of your recent purchases.
3. There are no supported stores in your area. Enter a new zip code