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Every kid deserves to reach their full potential — and teachers are instrumental in our children’s success. For 20 years, 10 cents at a time, Box Tops for Education has given nearly $1 billion to teachers and schools nationwide to help provide the supplies, technologies and experiences students need to thrive. In light of recent events across the country, addressing inequity within our education system is more important than ever. While there is no perfect solution, Box Tops wants to do what they can to help.

This year, we’re partnering with SupplyATeacher.org, a program of Kids in Need Foundation, to recognize under-resourced teachers and schools across the nation. Each week between now and the end of the year, Box Tops will share stories from special teachers and give them supply boxes for their classrooms plus $1,000 in Bonus Box Tops to fund anything from technology to enable distance learning, to cleaning supplies or other needs.

Without a doubt, this year is unlike any other. At a time when classrooms and school days look very different, many of these challenges are falling on teachers’ shoulders. These hometown heroes deserve a shoutout. If you know a teacher or school who is going above and beyond right now, share their story with #GiveExtraCredit for a chance for them to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can make a difference, too. Make sure you have the Box Tops mobile app on your phone. With the touch of a button, you can scan your store receipts containing Box Tops products and earn cash to help support the teachers at your school. If you’re ordering groceries online these days and don’t have a receipt to scan, you can email your e-receipts to receipts@boxtops4education.com

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Let's celebrate Marlene, a literature teacher at Banneker High School in College Park, GA. Marlene leads a class of special needs students through a curriculum of classic works like "Romeo and Juliet" and "A Raisin in the Sun." What’s especially impressive, though, is that she creates puppets, dioramas, digital story books, and numerous visuals to accompany the material. Thank you for consistently going above and beyond, Marlene!


Congrats to Eric Henderson! Eric co-teaches a 4th-5th grade combination classroom with another teacher at Los Molinos Elementary in Los Molinos, CA. With assistance from his wife, Eric and his co-teacher make multiple day-long shopping trips to ensure their students have the basic supplies they need. With several students in the class who are passionate about art, they invested money from their own pockets into additional art supplies. "We have coaxed them into teaching art to the class. The pride in their faces was magnificent." Thank you, Eric, for fueling their artistic passion!


We celebrate Julie, a kindergarten teacher at Walker-Jones Education Campus in Washington, DC. She is working to close the opportunity gap for her students, helping her school increase reading achievement by 30 percent in the last two years! She believes that having basic school materials is directly linked to students’ self-esteem and engagement in the classroom. "It is amazing how a brand new pencil or new package of crayons will spark a new writer's imagination." Thank you for all that you do, Julie!


We're excited to highlight Carol, a 2nd grade teacher at Weston Academy in Detroit, MI! School supplies give her students the freedom to learn through hands-on projects, help them better understand educational concepts, and let them know that "there are people and organizations in the world that care about their academic success." Thank you, Carol, for all you do to make sure your students have the resources they need.


We celebrate Stephanie, an autistic support teacher in the inner city of Philadelphia. The parents of her students at Vare-Washington Elementary often struggle to provide for their families while coping with the special needs of their children. “Every year I spend hundreds of dollars on supplies and materials to try and meet the diverse needs of my learners,” Stephanie explains. Thanks for your devotion to your students, Stephanie!


Shout out to Thomas, a pre-K teacher at White Station Elementary! Only about half of his students are able to bring school supplies each year so teachers are left to provide the rest. “Our school community is a team and all of the students are all of the teachers’ students, not half,” he explains. To honor his dedication, Thomas was also awarded 2019 Teacher of the Year in Shelby County, the largest school system in the state. Thank you for all that you do, Thomas!


Round of applause for Anne Marie Aveni at Longview Elementary! Anne Marie teaches 2nd grade in Phoenix, AZ. Her students often come to school without backpacks or supplies, and she takes it upon herself to find things in thrift stores that can make classroom projects more fun, such as colored paper, colored pencils and erasers. "Some people think working in a Title 1 school with children of poverty is just too hard and demanding...but there are also so many surprising rewards." Thank you, Anne Marie, for all you do!


Congratulations to Donna Lennon at PS 4 Duke Ellington School! Donna teaches 2nd grade in New York, NY. Many of her students are English Language Learners who are all talented, caring and love school. Although they may not all be able to afford new uniforms, they support each other and accomplish so much. Thank you for helping your students feel like rock stars, Donna!


Amanda is a Special Educator in Bradenton, FL. Many of her students at Samoset Elementary School struggle with the most basic needs, like clothes, food and supplies: “Our students come to school with the hopes and dreams of a better future but struggle with extremely limited resources to make that dream a reality.” When students have the proper school supplies they can focus all their attention on learning. Amanda works so hard to provide the tools her students need to make their dreams reality.  Thank you, Amanda!


Give it up for Angela at Bunche Middle School! Angela teaches 6th grade in Atlanta, GA and has been a Special Educator for more than 18 years. Her students have the desire and momentum to learn, but they need the opportunity and they need school supplies. She has purchased supplies for her students at home and in the classroom, and as testament to her sincere heart for her students she has won Educator of the Year twice during her tenure. Thank you for all you do, Angela!


Round of applause for Katelyn Neff at Schumacher CLC! Katelyn teaches 1st grade in Akron, OH and has taken it upon herself to provide many of the students with snacks, hats and gloves for the wintertime, along with other school materials. Many of her students do not have a book bag, school supplies or even their own jacket. With the donation of school supplies from the Supply a Teacher Program, Katelyn is able to help provide  other essential items to her students. As further testament to her excellence, she was awarded Schumacher CLC’s Teacher of the Year award this past May. Thank you for all you do, Katelyn!


Kathleen teaches 6th grade in Minneapolis, MN. Her class of immigrant children come from families escaping violence and trauma from different parts of the world. Some have been in the US for a few months, some for a few years, but all are English Language Learners. Some have never done "school" in a brick and mortar setting so they don't know what materials are needed and may not know how to use the materials provided. Parents are very grateful for a free education and provide enthusiastic encouragement and support but many are not able to provide the basics such as pencils and folders. While the Supply A Teacher program has been a tremendous help with supplies, Kathleen also uses her own personal money on materials. Thank you, Kathleen, for your dedication to your students!