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Frequently Asked Questions

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Box Tops Program

  • What are the different types of Box Tops?

    There are three types of Box Tops. Be sure to check out the Get Started page for more details.

    1. Box Tops Clips – these are found on hundreds of product packages and are worth $.10 for your school. Box Tops Clips must be provided to an enrolled Box Tops for Education School (for submission by the School Coordinator before their expiration date).
    2. Bonus Box Tops Certificate – a physical certificate printed or stickered on the package purchased in a store during a special offer. These certificates must be provided to an enrolled Box Tops for Education School (for submission by the School Coordinator before their expiration date).
    3. Bonus Box Tops Offers - Credits earned or awarded (to your school automatically) through your participation in various promotional offers, opportunities or programs such as the Box Tops for Education Bonus App, online sweepstakes, website or email registration, receipt scanning or making applicable purchases in participating retailer shopping card loyalty programs. Occasionally a printed code will be provided for your purchase or participation in promotional offers such as these. In such cases, the code must be redeemed online to be credited to your school. These Bonus Box Tops may sometimes be referred to as eBoxTops.
  • Can I submit a damaged Box Tops Clip?

    It’s very important that each Box Tops clip has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date. If we are unable to read the acronym or expiration date, we cannot accept the clip. Additionally, expired Box Tops are not accepted. If the expiration date only shows a year that is in the future, we will accept it. And remember, clipped Box Tops don’t need to be trimmed perfectly – you can cut them neatly or just tear them off the package.
  • How much is a Box Tops for Education clip worth?

    Each Box Tops Clip is worth 10 cents for your school. Occasionally, Bonus Box Tops or Bonus eBoxTops of a different value are issued for special promotions.
  • How do I submit my Box Tops?

    Unless you are the school Coordinator, all you need to do is send them to school before they expire! It’s always helpful if you can divide your Box Tops clips in bundles of 50. If you are the School Coordinator, please visit the Submitting Box Tops page for step by step directions.
  • Where can I get more information on becoming a Coordinator?

    Box Tops Coordinators are the amazing volunteers who help make the program successful in each school. To find out more about what a Coordinator does, visit the About Coordinators page. If you are interested in becoming a Coordinator, talk to your school administrator first. Then upgrade your profile to be a coordinator.
  • How do I remove a previous Coordinator?

    Make sure you are logged in, then go to My Account and click on the Coordinator Information button. Find the name of the Coordinator you’d like to remove and click “remove.”
  • How do I register my school for Box Tops for Education?

    We can only accept a request to participate in Box Tops for Education from a School Administrator. Please have your School Administrator call our customer service, 1-888-799-2444. To see the eligibility requirements, visit our Official Rules page.
  • How do I find my school ID?

    Your school ID is a six-digit number and can be found in the green box on the Coordinator Home Page, About Box Tops and the Coordinator Resource Center.
  • What do I do if my school doesn't appear when I searched for it?

    If you believe your school participates in the program, please try searching by the school's zip code. If your school is not currently enrolled in Box Tops for Education, ask your school administrator to enroll in the program by calling 1-888-799-2444.
  • How many collection drives can my school have on the Clip Board?

    Each school is allowed to have one active Clip Board Collection Drive at a time. If your school has more than one Coordinator, please decide which item to collect for first and make a Collection Drive just for that one item. Remember, once your Collection Drive is marked complete you can always create another one!

My Account

  • How do I change my personal information?

    Make sure you are logged in, then click on My Account at the top of the page; Within your account, click on "Personal Information" to edit your settings. Click on My Account at the top of any page.
  • How do I change the school I’m supporting?

    Make sure you are logged in, then click on My Account at the top of the page; Within your account, click on "Personal Information" to edit your settings. Click on My Account at the top of any page to change the school you support.

School Earnings

  • How much money can my school earn with Box Tops for Education?

    Each eligible school may earn up to $20,000 cash per year beginning on March 2 of every year from the Clip program. There are no maximum annual earning limits for schools earning eBoxTops or Bonus Box Tops.
  • What can my school do with the money it earns from Box Tops for Education?

    Your school can use the money for anything it needs! Computers, books, and playground equipment are just some of the ways schools have chosen to use the funds raised through Box Tops for Education.
  • How does my school get paid for Box Tops earnings?

    Schools are issued checks twice each year, in December and April. The December check includes all Box Tops earnings accrued from March 2 to November 1 totaling $20.00 or more. If the total is less than $20.00, this amount will be carried over and paid in the April check. The April check includes Box Tops earnings accrued from November 2 through March 1.

    Please note that checks are mailed to the school and issued to the School Administrator. Checks cannot be sent to any other address or addressed to any other person including the PTO, PTA, or directly to a Coordinator.
  • When will my school receive payment for its earnings?

    Checks are mailed first class twice per year at the end of December and end of April. Please check with your school Administrator to see if they have received the check.
  • How long does it take to see my submission on the site?

    Please allow one month for the processed submission and earnings to show on the site.


  • How do I print my own coupons?

    Check the “Clip Coupon” box next to each coupon you want, then click "Print Clipped" at the bottom of the screen and take the coupons to your local grocery store. If this is your first time printing online coupons, please read our coupon FAQs.
  • Will my grocery store accept these coupons?

    Every store is different about what coupons they accept. Before presenting coupons at your local grocery store, please check with the store's manager or customer service desk.