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Store Loyalty Coupons works in partnership with Cellfire and your favorite grocery retailers to provide Store Loyalty Coupons. Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions. Additionally, you can contact your store’s customer service department or the Cellfire Support Team for more information, to report a problem or to send feedback.

What are Store Loyalty Coupons?

Store Loyalty coupons are an easy, paperless way to save money on your groceries. They require no printing or clipping. Instead, you add them directly to an existing store loyalty account from your phone, tablet or computer. Store Loyalty coupons are instantly redeemed at checkout when you enter your loyalty account information and purchase the participating products. Box Tops for Education has partnered with Cellfire to deliver Store Loyalty coupons for over 80 different national and regional grocery retailers across the country.

How do I access Store Loyalty coupons at

  • Step 1: Visit and click on your retailer from the list of participating grocers.
  • Step 2: Click the “Link Your Account” button on the Store Loyalty coupon page and enter your store loyalty account number (often your phone number or number on the back of your loyalty card).
  • Step 3: Select the Store Loyalty coupons you’d like to add to your account. The button under each coupon will change from “Select Offer” to “Selected.”
  • Step 4: When you’ve selected all of your coupons, click the “Add to Account” button on the bottom of the page to load all of them to your loyalty account.
  • Step 5: After you’ve successfully added offers to your account, you will be directed to a Thank You page with the message: “Your offers have been added!” From there, you can return to the offer page for that retailer. The coupons you added will be located at the bottom of the page, marked with “Already Added To Account.”

How do I add a store loyalty account to my Box Tops for Education account?

There are two ways to add a store loyalty account:
  1. From the Store Loyalty Coupons page, select the applicable store and add your loyalty account number when prompted. You have the option to save that loyalty number in your member profile by logging in or registering on the site. Note: An existing store loyalty account is required. If you do not already have a store loyalty account number, you’ll need to first sign up for it on your retailer’s website or in their store.
  2. Access “My Account” (which is available in the site header when you are logged in) and add a new retail account in the “Retail Loyalty Accounts” section of the page.

How do I remove a store loyalty account from my Box Tops for Education account?

  • Go to the Store Loyalty Coupon page and click on the “manage” link and you will be taken to My Account to delete or add linked accounts.
  • You can also go straight to My Account whenever you are logged in to to make adjustments. There you will find a list of your loyalty accounts under the “Store Loyalty Accounts” section. Select “Remove” beneath the loyalty account you would like to delete, and then click “Confirm” to delete it. You can also add loyalty accounts here.
  • If you are not logged in, please log in first.
  • If you do not have a Box Tops for Education account, your loyalty number will not be saved.

I tried to add my store loyalty account, but was told my account number is not valid. What should I do?

There are a couple of reasons your account number may have been flagged as not valid.
  • You may have entered dashes, spaces, a leading zero or a trailing extra digit in the field. Many retailers show these extra characters when issuing account numbers but none are accepted in the entry field. Please try again without them.
  • There may have been a momentary technology glitch, outage or slow connection that caused a “not valid” error notice. Wait a few minutes (or even an hour or two) and try again.
  • Some retailers require people to activate their account by using it at the store first. If that is the case, wait 30 minutes after the card is activated before trying to link your account here. If you still receive this message, contact your store’s customer service department or contact Cellfire for technical assistance.
  • The account number may have been typed incorrectly, so double check the number and try again to make sure a simple mix-up didn’t occur.
  • If you continue to receive this error, please contact your store’s customer service department and verify that the number is valid. If it is, please contact Cellfire for technical assistance.

How do I get a store loyalty account?

Please visit your retailer’s website – many let you sign up online. If not, visit the customer service desk at your local store and ask for a savings or loyalty account application. In most cases, you will receive an account on the spot. Before you can add your account to, please activate your account by using it at checkout and then wait at least 30 minutes before linking it and starting to add offers.

How do I add Store Loyalty Coupons to my store loyalty account?

Once you have linked a loyalty account number to your Box Tops for Education account, you can select offers by pressing the “Select Offer” button located beneath each Store Loyalty coupon. Once all the offers you want are selected, click the “Add to Account” button at the bottom of the page to load all the offers to your account at once.

How can I tell whether Store Loyalty Coupons have been added to my account?

  • You can confirm that Store Loyalty offers have been successfully added to your account when you see the “Your offers have been added to your account” message on the Thank You page.
  • You can also go back to the offer page for that retailer. All of the Store Loyalty coupons added to your account will be at the bottom of the page with “Already Added To Account” listed under each one.
  • In most cases, you can also visit your retailer’s website and see the offers you added at Box Tops for Education listed there, too.

Can I remove a Store Loyalty coupon after it’s been added?

No. Store Loyalty coupons cannot be removed unless they expire or are used with a purchase at the store.

My family shares one account number. Can we all use it for Store Loyalty Coupons?

Yes. Multiple people can add the same store loyalty number to their individual at Be sure to coordinate when coupons are redeemed, because they can only be redeemed once.

My wife and I have different store loyalty accounts, but it seems that offers are saved to both accounts at once. Why is this happening?

Sometimes retailers combine multiple accounts in a household into a single household account. Store Loyalty Coupons will be saved to both accounts and a redemption on one account will prevent someone from redeeming the same Store Loyalty coupon on another account. You'll have to manage offers saved to both loyalty numbers as a single account.

How many Store Loyalty Coupons can I add to my loyalty account?

You can add as many Store Loyalty Coupons to your loyalty account as are available. Please note that some grocery stores limit the number of offers each month.

How do I redeem Store Loyalty Coupons?

Store Loyalty Coupons get saved directly to your store loyalty account and are automatically redeemed when you use your account number at checkout and purchase the participating products in the right sizes and quantities. Check your receipt after you check out. If you do not see the Store Loyalty coupon credited to your account, go to the store’s customer service desk to find out why and ask for credit if the qualifying purchase was made.

I tried to use a Store Loyalty Coupon, but did not receive my discount. What happened?

The coupon may have failed for the following reasons:
  • The product(s) you purchased did not meet the terms described in the coupon details.
  • The coupon has expired.
  • You had other Store Loyalty coupons or offers saved to your account for the same product(s) and that offer was used instead. Most retailers pick the best or first offer, if multiples exist, and do not allow multiple offers to be used together in the same transaction.
If you would like to report a problem with the redemption of a Store Loyalty Coupon, please visit your store’s customer service desk immediately. You can also contact Cellfire Support if the retailer cannot troubleshoot the issue.

What happens to expired coupons?

Expired coupons are removed from your account and are not available for use.

I've used an offer but it still shows up with "Coupon Saved" beneath. Why?

It can take up to 24 hours for a retailer’s system to update after a Store Loyalty coupon is redeemed. Please do not attempt to use the offer again; each Store Loyalty coupon is only valid for a single use and will not be applied again. Once the Cellfire and retailer systems are in sync, the offer will be removed.

If I have two of the same products and I have two different Store Loyalty coupons for that product, can I purchase them both in the same transaction?

No. The Store Loyalty coupon code can only be applied once per product, per transaction. In order to get your discount for the second item, please ask the cashier to ring it up separately.

I saved the same coupon to my account twice, but it only shows up once. Why?

Each coupon can only be saved one time to a loyalty account within a two-week period.

I tried to add a Store Loyalty Coupon that I saw on another website to my loyalty account at, but it does not show up. What happened?

If a Store Loyalty coupon does not show up on our site, it is likely that:
  • You already saved that coupon to your store loyalty account somewhere else.
  • You already redeemed that coupon in one of your recent purchases.
  • Your retailer has additional Store Loyalty coupons available that are not offered at

Why does offer Store Loyalty Coupons for some retailers but not all?

We are happy to feature Store Loyalty Coupons on our site for any retailers who have loyalty programs. Not all of our retail partners do, but we want to make it easy for our members to save money on their groceries while they are looking for recipes. If you don’t see your retail loyalty account in the list of available stores, please contact your retailer and let them know you’d like to see their offers on our site, too. We’re happy to add Store Loyalty coupons for any retailer.

Are the Store Loyalty coupons on the same ones offered at my retailer’s website?

Yes. The Store Loyalty coupons you see here are the same as those offered at your retailer’s site, although sometimes we only offer a portion of all the coupons available at your retailer’s site. Visit your retailer’s site to see all of their Store Loyalty coupons. Once you add a Store Loyalty coupon on Betty,,, you should see it added to your account at your retailer’s site too.