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Coupons FAQ

Coordinators: Our new site seems to be creating a hiccup with the submission form. If you’re having trouble, please try these steps:

  1. Log completely out of your account using the Log Out button up by the search bar.
  2. Clear your browser history – if you are unfamiliar w/ this step, search “how do I clear my browser history” in your search engine for instructions.
  3. Log back in to

If you are still having difficulty, please restart your computer and try another browser such as FireFox, Chrome or IE 10.


  • How do I print my own coupons?

    Check the “Clip Coupon” box next to each coupon you want, then click "Print Clipped" at the bottom of the screen and take the coupons to your local grocery store. If this is your first time printing online coupons, you'll need to install a small application that allows our website to communicate with your computer. Click "Yes" when the install window appears.
  • Will my grocery store accept these coupons?

    Every store is different about what coupons they accept. Before presenting coupons at your local grocery store, please check with the store's manager or customer service desk.