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Your school's Box Tops Coordinator needs your help. Sorting through all those Box Tops is a big job.

Here are 3 easy ways you can make their life a little bit easier:

#1 Check the expiration dates on your Box Tops. If they're expired, don't send them to school, because we can't accept expired Box Tops. Sad, but true.

#2 Box Tops don't have to be trimmed perfectly…but if you want to save your Coordinator's sanity, please don't send them with half the product package still attached. When it comes to Box Tops, snip 'em or rip 'em! Just make sure the expiration date (see #1) and full product code are both visible.

#3 Send your Box Tops to school on one of our fun collection sheets or, if you can, send them to school in bundles of 50. Trust us, this will literally make your Coordinator's day as this is how they must be submitted for processing. Don't have 50 Box Tops? If you're almost there, ask friends and family for a few extras to add in. Still coming up short? No problem! Just put your stragglers in a baggie and label it so your Coordinator knows how many are in there.

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Thanks for helping to make your school's Box Tops program a success!