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Important Notice Regarding Expiration Dates on Ziploc Products

Ziploc has notified us that some Ziploc products currently on store shelves contain expired Box Tops. The impacted products carry acronym ZIPB and an expiration date of 11/1/18. Ziploc is working to make it right and ensure that no schools miss out on earnings because of this unfortunate situation. Ziploc would like to extend their apologies and offer the below resolution.

Box Tops Coordinators:

If you have expired Ziploc Box Tops now, or if you threw some away with your 3/1/2019 submission, please contact Ziploc at 1.800.558.5252 and provide the following:
• School Name
• School city & state
• School ID
• Number of expired Ziploc Box Tops
• Mailing address where the replacement Box Tops should be sent

Please note: only Box Tops with acronym ZIPB and expiration date 11/1/18 will be replaced. As always, do not submit expired Box Tops in your clip submission.

Box Tops Supporters:

If you have any Ziploc Box Tops with acronym ZIPB and an expiration date of 11/1/18, continue to send them to your school. Your Box Tops Coordinator will contact Ziploc to replace the expired Box Tops with valid ones. Please note, Ziploc is only replacing the affected Box Tops – the ones with acronym ZIPB and an expiration date of 11/1/18.

Any other expired Box Tops are no longer valid and should not be sent to schools.