How Box Tops Works

Find Box Tops on hundreds of products.
Clip Box Tops from each package.
Send the Box Tops to your school. Find your school.
Box Tops are each worth 10¢ for your school.

How does the cash get to your school?

Your school’s Box Tops Coordinator will collect all the Box Tops and send them in so your school can get cash. Checks are mailed to schools twice a year.

About Coordinators

A Coordinator is a volunteer in charge of a school’s Box Tops for Education™ program. Here are just a few of the things Coordinators do:

Raise awareness about how to earn with Box Tops.
Communicate the school’s earnings progress.
Motivate families to participate with goals and contests.
Most importantly, Coordinators organize and submit all the Box Tops collected by their school so their school get cash to buy the things it needs.

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More ways to earn


Bonus Box Tops at Stores

Occasionally, stores hold promotions where they give away extra Box Tops at checkout.


Bonus Box Tops Online

Members gets exclusive chances to win extra Box Tops.


Get started today

It’s easy! As a Box Tops member, you’ll get:

  • Coupons & free samples
  • Bonus Box Tops offers
  • More details about your school earnings

Box Tops for Education™ facts

Box Tops is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs.
Over 80,000 k-8 schools participate.
Schools can use Box Tops cash to buy whatever they need.
You can send Box Tops to school anytime.
Each Box Top is worth 10¢ for your school.
Box Tops earnings are sent out to schools twice a year, in December and in April.